Friday, April 24, 2009

Boy Dildine

Our baby boy is growing. And he is growing by leaps and bounds. I went in for an appointment two weeks ago and the doctor moved my due date from September 4 to August 31. He also weighed 9oz. (1/2oz. larger than average).

Since that time, I have grown out of most of my clothes (I know you can’t really tell in the picture but it is true!). I have one pair of jeans that are going the distance so far, but the rest are too tight and uncomfortable. On Tuesday I wore this cute yellow skirt that used to be a little loose on me. By lunch I had to change in to soccer shorts as the skirt was cutting off circulation to my lower extremities. Wednesday night (after Matt fixed my broken down car-another story for another time) we went to a Maternity store to look for some shirts and some shorts for my ever expanding belly. I tried on EVERY pair of shorts in the store. After an hour of trying on clothes I found one pair of shorts and a dress that I actually liked. Before leaving the dressing room I checked the price tags…to my astonishment the khaki shorts I liked were $58. I was crushed. They were cute, but not $58 cute. So reluctantly, I left those shorts behind and just bought the dress. Mission failed. I went in for shorts and shirts and came out with a dress.

Luckily, my mom scored big time at Target. When I went to Target last week I didn’t see anything that I liked. Target normally has really cute maternity wear. Unfortunately, they are having a bit of a cute fashion dry spell at this time. My mom hadn’t heard of my disappointing Target trip so she went to check some things out for me. She found “hidden” (those are her words) some shorts. Just the style I was looking for! She gave them to me last night and they fit great and looked good. I have the best mom. Now I don’t have to torture myself in the hot weather with jeans. I can also give my beloved jeans some rest.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Youth Group at Pismo

Matt and I spent the weekend at Pismo with 30 wonderful teenagers from our youth group. We drove down on Friday night so we could enjoy a nice steak dinner alone at Jocko's in Nipomo before the students arrived. Like always, the steaks were amazing. Unfortunately, I was only able to choke down four bites before Baby Dildine put a halt to my dinner plans. Luckily, I was still able to enjoy a great night out with Matt.

The students arrived to our camp on the sand just as we served lunch on Saturday. After we all stuffed our faces, the group split in to three groups. One group went in to Pismo to go Boogie-Boarding, the second group went in to San Luis Obispo to go shopping and the third group stayed at the beach and played in the dunes. Matt and I stayed at the beach and enjoyed an afternoon with a handful of the kids. The students we were with enjoyed an afternoon of riding the dunes with 4x4 trucks and ATV's.

By six that night, everyone was back to camp and we enjoyed BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade chili beans...Mmmmm. That night we sang and had a devotional around the camp fire. After that, the students played games around camp and took another spin around the dunes at night.

On Sunday morning we had a wonderful pancake breakfast before "church" on the beach. When everyone was done eating we conducted our own church service at camp. After church we packed up so we could go in to Arroyo Grande for a big lunch at Klondike Pizza.

It was a great weekend. Despite the short trip, we packed a lot in and everyone was exhausted. We couldn't have done it without some very special people: Ken and Tami Cowger labored all weekend taking care of the students covering all bases- bathrooms to feeding frenzies. We are so grateful for all of their hard work. Avery Henderson, Kyle Mason and Casey and Veronica Sue brought 4x4 trucks, ATV's and other "sand toys" for the students to play with.

Matt got to play too!

We look forward to the next time we get to enjoy Pismo with the youth group.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby is Growing!

So glad he waited for it...

Yesterday morning we had our 13 week appointment with the doctor. When I got there the receptionist said the doctor was running late because he had to perform an "emergency surgery" that morning. So we waited...not long...but long enough for Matt to grow impatient. The night before Matt had debated whether or not to even join me for the appointment. Not that he didn't want to be there, but because he just wasn't sure how he was going to get all of his billable hours in for the month of February. For all of you who work on billable hours or are married to someone who does, you know the dilemma. And February is an especially hard month. So as we waited Matt got antsier and antsier. Finally it was our turn. We were lead to our room and within a few minutes the doctor was there with us. And that is when the magic happened.

Ultra Sounds are so cool. As first time parents we were expecting to see a blob (a larger version of the Lima bean looking things we saw a month ago) but what we saw was our baby, and he/she looked like a real baby. By the looks of it, we are going to have our hands full. Baby Dildine spent the few minutes we were watching doing flips, waving arms, and even touching (I like to say "scratching") his/her face. Even the doctor was a little surprised at the level of activity. He tried to get a sneak peak at the goods, but the baby moved every way except with legs open facing us.

I wish the pictures we have were as clear as the screen we watched in the office. Part of the blurriness is attributed to the quick movements of our baby. It was amazing.

So after the delay, Matt was so glad he waited. What a blessing it is to be able to check in on our growing bundle of joy. I don't think he will debate joining me for the appointment next month.

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dildine Family Highlights

In the nearly 2 ½ years since my last post…so much for “just doing it”…a lot has gone on. Here are the top 10 highlights in chronological order (I know…only 10 in two years. This is why I haven’t fallen in love with blogging yet):

1. Matt’s brother Josh proposed to Ms. Hilary Scott of Thousand Oaks, CA
2. Matt graduated from Law School
3. Kym graduated from Business School
4. Matt took the CA bar
5. We moved away from Pepperdine after 8 wonderful years to our hometown of Clovis, CA
6. We traveled to Italy and Switzerland (thank you Jerry and Lori for the wonderful time in Lausanne)
7. Matt started his new job at Kimble, MacMichael and Upton
8. Kym started her new job at ITIS Corporation
9. Matt passed the bar (yippee)
and finally…just yesterday
10. We announced that we are pregnant (10 weeks. Due September 2009)

As you can see, life has been so good since our last post.
Now that I will actually have something to talk about I may post more often. I love reading my friends blogs, especially our friends with growing families, detailing the adventures of their precious little ones. I am not sure anyone will care about what I write but I will follow the lead of the McDonald, Hassler, Snow, Wolf and Tidmore families and start documenting our journey into and through parenthood.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Do It

I know...I know...I am a Pepperdine MBA student and I shouldn't fight with new technology so much. I just don't have the time, or patience, to sit down and learn new things. Matt is always getting on to me to learn how to do certain things...old and new...the DVD and VCR remotes probably top his list, shortly followed signing up for a myriad of web forums. So here I am. Trying out "blogging". Friends and family that have seen my MySpace page or Facebook page may not have much hope for me. It is not that those pages are difficult, I just don't have the time to keep them updated. So hopefully this joint effort with Matt will help me break into the "tell the world everything about yourself phenomenon". So here it goes. We are going to "just do it" one post at a time. I have come to the realization that I can't hide from technology or my husband's incessant demands to learn and be comfortable with all the web has to offer.

Just Setting Up Our First Blog!!!!

Welcome to Matt and Kym Dildine's first blog. This is an experiment for now so we will see how it goes.